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Why We Do What We Do

Sadly, trust is broken for most of the kids we serve. Many of our youth are struggling to survive. Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch was founded as the reality of these struggles became glaringly apparent and we were no longer able to turn our eyes and hearts away from children in need. We desire to create a peaceful, welcoming and encouraging place for these youth, and to bridge the gaps these issues have created in their lives. Our hearts have been broken for the youth who feel they have no voice to express their hurts, and to experience a non-judgmental, one on one relationship with a caring mentor.

We know it will be a hard road, but we can no longer sit by hoping things will get better, or turning the channel when we hear another sad story about the youth right here in our beautiful city. The drug, suicide and incarceration statistics in Oklahoma ignite us to do otherwise. We have studied other groups who have soared and those who have failed. After years of study we have decided it’s time. While we are learning so much each day and know we have a lot of growth to come, our first few mentor sessions have revealed that, indeed, the need is great.  These are incredible kids with aches in their lives and we are mutually blessed by their presence.

When we began researching these issues in 2007 Oklahoma had around 8,000 kids in state custody. Today that number has grown to over 12,000. Our state is number one in incarcerated women, which greatly increases the number of children in the care of the state. These kids are innocent victims. They need the help and support of the community in which they live. Some of these kids live at home with loving parents but due to societal or technology pressures are feeling depressed or lost. We will strive to show each of these kids they are special, loved, and have a gift this world needs. Let’s help them trust again. This is why we do what we do. We hope you will hold our hands, as we hold their hands, in working to create a brighter tomorrow for these youth, their families and, as a result, the community we all share.

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