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Mentor Program

Our primary focus of activity at Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch is the development of special relationships between a youth and mentor in a one on one setting.

What does a mentor session look like?

Typically, this mentorship time lasts 90 minutes and takes place once a week at the same appointed time and day. Over a series of weeks, each 90 minute session consists of 15-20 minutes of Nurture Group in which the youth are taught the value of their life and affirmed in their unique voice, taught calming techniques to deal with their trauma, and taught life value terms that help them connect effectively with others; 15 minutes of performing a ranch related chore or horse activity  that reinforces what has been introduced in Nurture Group; then 30-60 minutes of a free choice activity the child and mentor agree on together. We have found through research and personal experience that involving a horse in this time, especially a horse with a history of abuse and or neglect, makes for a very rich time and allows the youth to feel more comfortable expressing their feelings. We immediately see kids relate to the horses who have experienced something similar to their own story of abuse, neglect, hunger or even just not fitting in. If the youth is not in the mood that day to spend time with a horse, a variety of other opportunities will be available.  Some of these include gardening, fishing, playing board games or yard games, doing artwork or sitting on our “thinking rock” and simply talking. We aim to match the activity to the mood and interest of the youth that day.

Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI).

All of our mentors and horse team volunteers are trained in the TBRI approach.  TBRI is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. Its best application bring hope to the soul and healing to the brain.  

We invite you to consider the following resources so to be more acquainted with the approach we teach our mentors, Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI);

For these sessions we ask that a parent or guardian always be present, join in learning more about TBRI, and enjoy resting in a chair under a tree or entering in conversations with other parents. We hope this can be a restful or even encouraging time for those caring for these youth.

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