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Mike and Donna Freeman
Founders of Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch

We were both raised in south Texas and met when Mike moved to Donna’s school in the 7th grade. Donna is from a farm background with her family farming the same land for 100 years. She was also raised with every kind of farm animal. Mike was raised on the beach and almost daily fishing trips with his family.

We are both Texas natives and Texas A&M graduates, Mike an engineering and business major and Donna a horticulture and education major. We have two children, Patrick 23 and Grant 19. We moved to Oklahoma in 2000 thinking this would be a short memory in our life story (our boys were then 4 and 1). It’s hard for a Texas native to admit that another place might measure up, but we have truly fallen in love with Tulsa and are thankful for the opportunity to raise our boys in such a wonderful place.

But through the last 14 years we have also become aware of the plight of countless lost and hurting children in our city. We wondered how this city could be so great for our kids but so full of pain for others. This instigated years of study, travel and tears and resulted in the birth of Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch, a place we hope will be a consistent source of love and acceptance for these hurting kids.

We couldn’t possibly do this without the unselfishness of our own two boys who not only support and love what we are doing but also work alongside us and allow us to share our hearts and time with other children. We didn’t realize how big our hearts could grow until we had our two amazing boys who remain the loves of our lives and inspiration for what we do. But with each child that steps on the ranch we are increasingly amazed at how our hearts can continue to grow and love and accept each one uniquely.

We are thankful to all of our family and dear friends that are such a valuable part our life story and we are also thankful and excited as our “family” continues to grow with the amazing mentors, volunteers, supporters and of course the wonderful children we are blessed by daily.

With deep appreciation for your interest in this cause,
Mike and Donna Freeman

Executive Director / Pastor


Kyle and Patricia Livingston


Kyle serves the Ranch in the role of Executive Director/Pastor alongside his wife, Tricia, having moved together to Tulsa and the Ranch in February of 2014 with their three children – daughter, Madison (age 16); and sons, Micah (age 14) and Matthew (age 11).

Kyle and Tricia both grew up in farming families with Tricia being raised in Corpus Christi, TX most of her life and Kyle in Cleburne, TX.  They are both Texas A&M Aggies, Kyle having received a degree in Agricultural Science with a certification to teach and Tricia in Nutrition Science with certification as a registered dietitian.  After marrying in 2000, they lived in St. Louis, MO, as students at Covenant Theological Seminary; then in Houston, TX as well as Corpus Christi, TX before moving to the Tulsa Hills area.

Affirming their move to THYR was a mutually shared passion with Tricia and the shaping that Kyle experienced throughout his life, having served youth and agriculture in various roles since college – including pastor to children, youth, and families in churches; teacher and coach in high school settings; counselor and program staff member at Alpine Camp for Boys in Mentone, AL; and agricultural program director to Happy Hill Farm Academy and Home.

Two recent experiences – [1] being near to his father and boyhood home during the days leading up to his father’s battle with cancer and death (2011), as well as [2]serving in the role as pastor to Southside Community Church in  the city of Corpus Christi with the study and experience such affords, led Kyle to a renewed passion for the agricultural setting and to the beauty and deep joy of ministering mercy to others in their time of need.  He considers it a unique pleasure to share in the daily labor of THYR with his entire family.



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Sara Fox

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