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Our Mission

The mission of Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch is to bring healing to the brains of traumatized youth and hope to their families.

Our Vision

Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch seeks to be a place of love and acceptance for each person that steps on the ranch as we mentor youth, encourage the family and seek to be a source of renewal for the community around us.

Our vision is the restoration of hope for at-risk youth. We aim to help these kids turn their difficult pasts into positive futures by providing them a safe place to express, heal, and grow. This is accomplished in an agrarian setting, often alongside a rescue horse with a similar story to many of these children. In addition, we offer a variety of personalized activities to engage with and relate to these youth, of whom many are victims of others poor choices and who have been without a voice. These are good kids that need someone to believe in them and need someone to take time to invest in and appreciate them as unique individuals. Some of these kids have people who believe in and love them but due to social pressures need that affirmation from outside their family unit. We believe that given a voice and opportunity to engage in healthy relationships outside of their regular life many of these kids will come to believe in themselves and realize they have something to offer this world, in spite of what they have been told or believed to this point. Our intent is that hope is renewed, that healing and restoration are realized, and that trust is reborn for each person served through the ranch.

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